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Quickr TeamPlace FAQs - Basics, Places, Folders & Pages

Quickr TeamPlace Basics


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Quickr TeamPlace Basics

[More on Pages]

How do I access Quickr TeamPlace? Go to https://teamplace.cf.ac.uk and log in with your Cardiff University username and password. If you are not a member of Cardiff University you will have been given a Place username and password when you were invited.  
How do you stop two people editing a page/file at the same time? Quickr TeamPlace uses a checking in/out system. When you edit a page or file you have to check it out for editing. If anyone else tries to edit the page/file they will get a warning saying that the page is currently checked out. When you have finished editing you will be prompted to either check it back in, or save your edits as a draft which will not publish your changes.  
A page is showing as checked out by me. How do I check it back in? This is probably because you have saved it as a working draft. Open the page and click on the Draft In Progress tab. Click Check In.  
What is the quota for each Place? Each Place initially has a quota limit of 2GB imposed. Place Owners will get a warning when they have used 1.8GB.
Can I increase the quota for my Place? You can request a quota increase by emailing insrvConnect@cardiff.ac.uk.  
What is the largest size file that I can upload? The largest size file you can upload is 100MB. Attempts to upload larger files will fail. If you need to upload files larger than that, please contact insrvConnect at insrvConnect@cardiff.ac.uk and they will log a call on your behalf.  
I'm trying to upload a file but it fails and gives me the message "The connection with the server was reset". This is because the file you are trying to upload is too large. The limit for file uploads is 100MB.  
What do "Check In" and "Check Out" mean? To prevent a page or file being edited by two people at the same time, when it is being edited it will be checked out. Anyone else trying to edit it whilst it is checked out will receive an error message. Once you have finished editing a file you can check it back in, unlocking it so that it can be edited by others again. [Back to top]
Can I upload a file without a page? All files are saved as attachments to a page, which can contain information such as a name and description for the file. This proves especially useful when you have related several files attached to the same page. Even if you create and upload a file using connectors a page will automatically be created to attach the file to.  
How do I upload files? There are several ways to upload files:
  • Create a new page/task/event/post. Add an attachment using the form.
  • Check Out and Edit an existing page/task/event/post. Add an attachment using the form.
  • Use Quickr Connectors from Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office or Lotus Notes. More on Connectors.
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How do I download files?
  • From a page attachment: Click (Firefox) or double-click (Internet Explorer) on the file name.
  • From the Library or Index folders: Click on the Download icon next to the page name.
  • Using Quickr Connectors from Windows Explorer or Microsoft Office. More on Connectors.
Why can't I edit a page/folder/task/event? This is probably because of one of two reasons:
  • You do not have the rights to do this. You need to check with the Place Owner to see if you have the correct level of access.
  • The page is currently checked out for editing by someone else. If this is the case you will get the error message "Problem: The published page you are trying to edit is already being edited". The other person will probably check it back in soon so you could wait, or else you could contact your Place Owner who will be able to save it as a draft and then check it back in. Please note that this will lose any changes that the other person is making if you do this.
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Why can't I create a new page/folder? This will likely be because you do not have author level of access or above. Contact your Place Owner and see if they are willing to increase your level of access.  
I keep getting messages asking me to install ActiveX. Should I? ActiveX is necessary in order to get full functionality out of Quickr TeamPlace. You are advised to install it when prompted. [Back to top]
I'm an external user and Active X is disabled at my organisation. How can I access Quickr TeamPlace? In the first instance you should contact your IT department to see if they can help. If you are still having problems, you can ask the Place Owner to disable ActiveX by going to Customize This Place > Basics and ticking the Disable ActiveX box. However, this will result in reduced functionality for everyone using the place.  
Is Quickr TeamPlace backed up? How often are back ups made and how long are they kept for? Full backups are taken daily of every TeamPlace and they are retained for three months. [Back to top]
I've accidentally deleted a file/folder. Can I get it back? You can request a restore from the backups by sending an email to insrvConnect@cardiff.ac.uk. You should include the following information:
  • Your username.
  • The name of the Place.
  • The name and location within the place of the page/file/folder you wish to retrieve.
  • The date you wish to retrieve it from.

[More on Places]

What is a Place? Places are the individual workspaces for a particular project or group. They are open to invited members only. It is possible to be the member of more than one Place.  
Who can create a Place? Any member of Cardiff University can create a new Place. Before creating a place, please consider whether it is necessary and check if there are any other places currently performing the same role.  
How many Places can I create? There is currently no limit on the number of Places you can set up. However, we do advise you to only create as many Places as you need. Please delete all unused Places when you are sure you no longer need them.  
How do I create a new Place? Log in to Quickr TeamPlace and go to My Places. Click on the red Create a Place button in the top left of the screen.  
What name should I give to my Place? We recommend using the naming convention for your School or Division. For example, for an INSRV place the naming convention is:
If a name has already been used you will be prompted to choose another one.
How do I delete a Place? Open the Place and click on Customize this Place. Click on Basics. Click the Delete This Place button from the top of the screen. You will then be asked to confirm the deletion by typing "yes" in the text box.
Warning: Deleting a Place will delete the Place and all of its contents. This action cannot be undone.
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How do I create a place logo? Click on the Customize This Place button (underneath the navigation pane on the left of the screen) and choose basics. You can either use the built-in Logo Maker or upload your own image. Read more about customizing a place.  
Can I see usage statistics for my Place? Yes. You can see usage statistics for all Places that you are a member of. From the My Places screen, click on the Usage Statistics tab. You can sort places by name, date modified, size and more. [Back to top]
I'm trying to create a Place but I get the error message "The place name you entered is already taken". Each Place name must be unique. To help prevent confusion, please use the naming convention QTP_SchoolOrDivision_YourPlaceName. For example, an INSRV place called "Library Project" would take the name QTP_INSRV_LibraryProject.  
Can I leave a Place? No. You can not opt out of a Place or turn down an invite. To leave a TeamPlace contact the Place Owner. [Back to top]

[More on Folders]

How do I edit a folder? Open the folder and click on More Actions > This Folder.  
How do I create a folder? Click on Place Actions > New > Page or Folder below the navigation pane. Click Folder. Now choose the type of folder you wish to create.  
How do I move a folder into a different folder? Open the folder and go to More Actions > This Folder > Move Folder to. Choose where you want to move the folder to. Click OK.  
How do I delete a folder? Open the folder and click on More Actions > This Folder > Move Folder To Trash. Removing the folder will also remove its contents.  
How do I add an image/logo to appear at the top of the folder? Open the folder, click the More Actions button and choose This Folder > Edit Folder Properties. At the bottom of the Folder Properties page you can choose to upload an image file. This will then appear at the top of the folder when it is opened.  
I'm trying to apply an image to a folder but the option isn't appearing. You can only do this with Simple List. Tabbed and Slideshow folders do not allow a folder image.  
How do I change the order of folders? Click on Customize This Place underneath the navigation page. Click on Basics and scroll down to the Reorder section. (You need to be a manager or owner of the Place to do this)  
How do I rename a folder? Open the folder, expand the section and go to Folder Actions > Edit Folder Properties. Change the title of this folder.  
The folder looks funny - I can't see a list of pages. There are several types of folder. Some display a list of pages, some show different pages as tabs along the top and some act as a slideshow, showing each page in sequence. Read more about Folders.  

[More on Pages]

How do I edit a page? Open the page and click on Check Out and Edit. Once you have finished making changes click Save and Check In to publish it, expand the Check In Options section to publish it with further options or Save as Working Draft to save an unpublished draft version that only you can see.  
How do I create a new page? Either: a) go to the folder you wish to create the page in and click on the green New Post button, b) click on New Page or Folder below the navigation pane or c) go to the Place Actions > New > Page. Click Page and enter the page details.  
How do I move a page into another folder? Open the page and click on More Actions. Choose Move and then select the target folder.  
How do I copy a page? Open the page and click on More Actions. Choose Copy and then select the folder you wish to copy it to.  
How do I delete a page? Open the page and click on More Actions. Choose Move To Trash. If you are deleting more than one page at a time, it is quicker to open the Index folder, select all pages you wish to delete and then go to More Actions > Delete.  
How do I create a Link Page? Click on New Page or Folder below the navigation pane. Click New > Link Page. This will prompt you to enter the target URL. [Back to top]

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