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My Page Guides
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Adding and Removing Portlets
Add and remove portlets to optimise your page.
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Customising Portlets
Certain portlets can be personalised further to suit your needs. This guide explains how.
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Manipulating Portlets
Portlets on My Page can be moved around and resized.
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Customising My Page
Change the layout of your page and add extra pages.
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Using RSS in Cardiff Portal
News feeds can be added to you page using RSS.
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My RSS Portlet
How to add, remove and personalise RSS feeds in the My RSS portlet.
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Adding RSS feeds from information resources to the portal
Instructions for creating RSS feeds from a number of different information resources, adding them to the portal and managing your feeds.
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My Bookmarks Portlet
How to add and remove hyperlinks to the My Bookmarks portlet.
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My Files Guides
What Is My Files?
An introduction to the My Files service provided on the Files page.
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Opening and Editing in My Files
How to access, edit and upload your files.
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Searching and Organising in My Files
Tips on how to search and arrange your files.
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