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BlackBerry service and devices

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BlackBerry issues

Has your question been answered? If not, you may wish to check the T-Mobile BlackBerry support pages which contain a wealth of useful information.


BlackBerry service and devices

Where can I learn more about BlackBerry jargon? Try our BlackBerry Jargon Buster. If you don't find the answer there then please contact insrvConnect (Tel: 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk). [Back to top]
What is the difference between 2G and 3G and which models offer what service? 3G offers faster internet downloads from a mobile device than 2G and is recommended for those wishing to stream large files, media or tether a laptop to their mobile device (tethering is a process where a BlackBerry is connected to a laptop to enable the laptop to access the internet in non-wifi areas using the mobile phone network via the BlackBerry).

3G uses more battery power than 2G, however can be turned off to conserve battery power if required.

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What devices are on offer and how much do they cost? Please refer to the BlackBerry devices page for details of the current devices offered to members of the University.

You may be also be interested to read the information on the BlackBerry Service Comparison page which highlights the differences between the University services and those provided by a mobile service provider with a privately owned BlackBerry.

We are unable to publish contractual cost details but the information is available on the GeM website.
I want a BlackBerry, how do I get one? To order a BlackBerry your School or Division administrator must follow the ordering instructions on the GeM website.

You need to get permission from a budget holder in your School or Directorate to order a BlackBerry device. Costs will include:
  • the up-front cost of the device,
  • a 24 month contract with monthly subscription fee,
  • additional cost of calls and data downloads.
We are unable to publish contractual cost details but the information is available on the GeM website

Once you have purchased a BlackBerry you may wish to consult The University BlackBerry Service guide which contains all of the essential information you need to get started with a new BlackBerry.
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I have my own BlackBerry, how do I set it up to access CardiffMail? Please refer to Office 365 New Device Activation for setup details.  
I don't want a BlackBerry, what is the University policy on other devices? The BlackBerry is the University supported mobile device. If possible, INSRV will support the method of delivering services to other mobile devices (e.g. IMAP) but are unable to support the devices themselves.  
I am leaving the University (or my School/Division), what do I do with my BlackBerry? The 24 month contract must be honoured by your School/Directorate in full. You will need to find another member of staff in your School willing to take over the contract. Please view How do I transfer my BlackBerry to someone else for further information.  
I no longer want/need my device, what do I do with it? Please see I am leaving the University (or my School/Division), what do I do with my BlackBerry? [Back to top]
How do I upgrade my device? It is not possible to ‘upgrade’ the device during the length of the contract – in effect your School or Directorate has purchased the device and entered into a 24 month contract. If you need to change devices (for example if you subsequently require 3G access offered by the BlackBerry Bold) you have two choices:
  1. Find a colleague in your School or Directorate who is prepared to inherit your device and the remaining time on your contract. You will then need to purchase a new device and enter into a new 24 month contract. Please note: there will be a £30 charge for this handover (this cost includes the administration charge for changing the account and the handover training provided to the new user).
  2. Purchase a new SIM-Free BlackBerry device and swap the SIM card to the new device. The old BlackBerry device will be redundant without a SIM card.
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Is it possible to upgrade my device when my contract ends? Yes. At the end of the agreed 24 month contract you can upgrade your device and enter into a new contract with a new device if required.  
Is my BlackBerry insured? No. There is no insurance as part of the contract. If your BlackBerry is lost or stolen, your School or Directorate is responsible for the cost of a replacement device. If you proceed to order a new BlackBerry, please note there will be a £15 reconnection charge to setup the new device.

If you decide not to replace the device, your School or Directorate must continue to honour the remainder of the 24 month contract.
How do I transfer my BlackBerry to someone else? INSRV will need to contact T-Mobile and change the billing for the device.

Please contact INSRV with:
  • details of the old and new budget holders,
  • provide the billing address for the new recipient.
INSRV will then:
  • create a new billing account with T-Mobile billing,
  • setup the BlackBerry to work with the new user,
  • inform the new user of the next available handover session when they will receive the BlackBerry.
Please note there will be a £30 charge for this handover (this cost includes the administration charge for changing the account and the handover training provided to the new user).
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Can I receive email from internet mail accounts on my BlackBerry? Yes, it is possible to receive email from up to ten instant email accounts on one BlackBerry device. If you have a University owned device please contact insrvConnect for assistance. (02920 874487 or insrvConnect@cardiff.ac.uk), alternatively for privately owned devices please contact your service provider.  


General tips for using your BlackBerry

Quickly type in uppercase Perhaps the best time saving key is the easy uppercase function. When typing, press and hold any letter in order to capitalize. [Back to top]
Type special charcters If you need to accent a letter (acute, grave, umlaut etc., e.g. á, È, ü) press and hold the letter and then move the trackball until the appropriate letter character shows up. Great for typing in French, German or other languages that use special characters.  
Insert symbols and currency signs Pressing the symbol key alone will bring up a number of useful character symbols and currency signs.  
Scroll through text Hold the ALT key while you roll the trackball to scroll horizontally in any field where you can enter or view text.  
Select text and multiple list items Hold the CAP key while you roll the trackball to select multiple items in a list or to select text.  
Quickly type a full-stop Rather than typing ALT+M, press the SPACE key twice in succession. A full-stop (period) will be inserted and it will also capitalize the next letter.  
Setting internet favourites When using the web browser function you can access your favourite sites by pressing the K key to open your bookmarks. If you want to add a site to your bookmarks simply press the A key. [Back to top]
Setting one key speed dialling Press a letter you want to assign as the speed dial key. In the pop up menu you will be asked if you want to Assign a Speed Dial Key? Press Yes - your Address Book will open. Select the person you want to assign to the speed dial and in the new menu press the line Add Speed Dial to….  
Help Me function Pressing the Alt+Shift+H keys at the same time, will display some information about your device. Useful for when contacting technical support.  
Low power disables mobile phone network When the device power runs down, the mobile phone network is automatically disabled in order to conserve battery power. When you recharge the device you will need to turn this back on as you will see top right hand corner of the screen the word "OFF".

Go into manage connections and select the mobile network box.
Not receiving data? If you see in the top-right hand corner, gprs in lower case, you will not be able to receive data on your device. It must be uppercase (GPRS). Power off the BlackBerry and remove the battery. Upon restart the device should now show GPRS (uppercase) in the top-right hand corner.

If the problem persists, the device may not be registered correctly for data reception. For help contact the BlackBerry Support team via insrvConnect.
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Extending your BlackBerry battery life There are a number of steps you can take to extend the life of your BlackBerry's battery:
  • Use the Auto On/Off feature (Options > Auto On/Off) to have the device automatically power off and power on overnight, or any hours that you choose.
  • When wireless coverage is not needed users should turn wireless off (Options > Manage Connections > Wi-Fi).
  • Within the Profiles application on the device try to minimize the number of notifications for often occurring events like new email messages. Choose between tone, vibrate or LED notifications to minimize the absolute number of notification types for such common events.
  • For BlackBerry devices that have Bluetooth functionality, when you are not using Bluetooth you should turn Bluetooth off.
  • When you are not using your device put it in the holster (if you have one) as this will power off the LCD screen to conserve power.
  • Reduce the Backlight brighness to a setting no higher than 50 (Options > Screen/Keyboard > Backlight Brightness)
  • Use Auto Dim backlight to automatically reduce the brighness of the backlight when your device is not in use (Options > Screen/Keyboard > Auto Dim Backlight). This setting also increases the backlight brightness beyond and above the previous setting. Therfore set the Backlight Brightness to as low as possible and enable the Auto Dim Backlight which will brighten when needed.
  • Set the Backlight timeout to 30 seconds or lower (Options > Screen/Keyboard > Backlight timeout).
  • Turn off the Key tone (Options > Screen/Keyboard > Key tone) and the Audible roll of the trackball (Options > Screen/Keyboard > Audible roll).
  • Set the Out of holster profile to Tone only (Profiles > Advanced > (Active) > Out of Holster). As much as possible avoid using vibrate or vibrate and tone.
I'm unable to access my BlackBerry voicemail If you are a T-Mobile user and you cannot access your BlackBerry voicemail please contact T-Mobile on 0845 4122602. Lines are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

All other users should contact insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk) for further assistance.
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How do I setup wifi access? To access a non Cardiff University wireless network, such as a wireless network at home, select Manage Connections on your BlackBerry, make sure the Wi-Fi option is enabled, then scroll down to Set Up Wi-Fi Network and follow the on-screen instructions.

To access the Cardiff University wireless network you will need to register your BlackBerry device. Contact insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk) for further assistance.
Can I turn off the password / unlock feature? No, for your own security this setting can not be changed.  
Can I change the password? Yes, press the BlackBerry button (to see the full list of icons) then scroll down to 'Options' (the icon image is a spanner).

The next steps will depend on the device you are using:

Option 1
  • Scroll down to the password option.
  • Select Change Password.
  • You will need to enter the existing password before being prompted to enter the new password. For confirmation you will be asked to enter the new password twice.
Option 2
  • Scroll down to the Security option.
  • Select General Settings.
  • Press the BlackBerry button.
  • Select the 'Change Password' option.
Passwords must be 6 or more characters long.
Can I add other applications to my BlackBerry? Yes, there are many 3rd party applications available for the BlackBerry. The following is an example of how to install one such application – Google maps onto your BlackBerry.
  • Start the web browser on your BlackBerry device.
  • Go to www.google.com/gmm.
  • Click install and follow the on-screen instructions, accepting the license agreement when prompted to do so.
  • Once the application is installed, depending on the BlackBerry in use, the application icon will either appear at the top level or within the Downloads folder on the BlackBerry.
You may also like to look at the applications available from the BlackBerry applications store.

Please note:3rd party applications are not supported by INSRV and are installed at your own risk. Following installation, if the device is not working, you may be asked to remove the application if there is suspicion it is causing problems.
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How to I find out the system information about my BlackBerry (firmware versions etc)? To check which BlackBerry Device Software version your device uses:
  1. From the Application menu open the device Options [spanner icon].
  2. Select About.
  3. The firmware version is shown on the third line of text as a strong of numbers beginning v4.5…. or v5.0… . This is the firmware version (i.e. version 4.5 or version 5.0)
Alternatively, press SHIFT + ALT + H at the same time. The system information will be displayed.
How do I remove an application from my BlackBerry? To remove an application that you have installed on your BlackBerry follow the steps below:
  1. From the Applications menu select Options (spanner icon).
  2. Select Advanced Options.
  3. Select Applications. A list of all applications installed on your BlackBerry will be displayed.
  4. Use the trackball to scroll to the application you want to remove, then press the BlackBerry button to display a menu.
  5. Select Delete.
  6. You will be asked if you want to reboot the BlackBerry device. Select Yes. The application will be removed and your BlackBerry will restart.
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Can I tether my BlackBerry device to a laptop? Yes, it is possible to tether your BlackBerry device to a laptop to enable the laptop to access the internet in non-wifi areas using the mobile phone network via the BlackBerry.

If you do intend to use this functionality please contact insrvConnect in the first instance to enable the feature. (Tel: 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk). Please also note that an ongoing small charge will be applied to your account for using this feature.
Are there any Apps I can use to connect to University services? Yes, it is possible to coonect to Cardiff Connections, Learning Central (BlackBoard) and Sametime using freely available apps. Please view the information on BlackBerry Applications to connect to University services for details. [Back to top]
Where should I save data on my device? All BlackBerry devices will allow you to save data (contacts, files, photographs, video, etc) to the device's internal memory. However most newer devces also posses the option to add a removeable memory card. This is usually a micro SD card that can be inserted into the device to expand the memory allocation. Removeable memory allocation will usually be larger than the internal memory of the device and is therefore a favoured option with users when they need to store information.

If you store data to the removeable memory it remains your responsibility to backup this information and transfer data if you obtain a new device. All data stored on the internal memory of the device can be backed up using the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager.
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Email tips and FAQs

Typing an email address When typing an email address hit the Space key to enter an @ symbol. Press the Space bar again to insert a period in the address. [Back to top]
Deleting email To avoid having to delete each individual email contained in your Inbox, you can delete all of them with one click. Click on the ‘date’ field above that day’s mails and then choose Delete Prior from the menu.  
Finding contacts To find a contact in your address book type the contact's name or initials, separated by a space. Matching entries are displayed.  
Group contacts The creation of group contacts in the Notes client is not the same as the groups on the BlackBerry, therefore they will not be synchronised. You will have to generate group contacts directly on the BlackBerry.  
Using SmartCodes There are a series of SmartCodes or shorthand that can simplify communication when using your BlackBerry. They can be used in any text input field such as an email or SMS message, as long as Autotext is enabled for that text input. Simply enter the following codes where you would like the corresponding information to appear:
  • Myver - inserts the software version of your BlackBerry.
  • Mypin - inserts the PIN number of your BlackBerry.
  • Mynumber - inserts the telephone number of the device.
  • LD - inserts the local date.
  • LT - inserts the local time.
  • sig - inserts your signature.
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Message List shortcuts There are a series of shortcuts available to use when you are in the Message List:

Key combinationAction
EnterOpen the highlighted message
CCompose a new email message
RReply to the highlighted message
FForward the highlighted message
LReply to all recipients
Alt+UMark a message unopened
Alt+IView received messages
Alt+OView sent messages
Alt+SCompose a new SMS message
EscapeView all your messages

Moving around in your Message List:

Key combinationAction
SpaceMove down a screen
Shift+SpaceMove up a screen
TMove to the top of the message list
BMove to the bottom of the message list
NMove to the next date
PMove to the previous date
UMove to the next unopened item
My contacts appear on Lotus Notes, but do not show on my BlackBerry? If this has been setup correctly and your contacts are still not appearing on your BlackBerry, please contact insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk) and report this as a fault for investigation by the BlackBerry team. [Back to top]
I can't send/receive email on my BlackBerry? Please contact insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk ) and report this as a fault for investigation by the BlackBerry team.  
When I delete a mail from my BlackBerry it doesn't delete from Notes Make sure you have setup your BlackBerry to delete from both the handheld device and your mailbox.
  • Open the Mail application (to view your Inbox messages).
  • Press the BlackBerry key.
  • Scroll down to Options.
  • Select Email Reconciliation.
  • Change the Delete On setting to be Mailbox & Handheld.
If the problem persists please contact insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk) and report this as a fault for investigation by the BlackBerry team.
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I want to link the BlackBerry to a functional mailname, can this be done? Yes, this is possible. Please contact insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk) to request this service.  
Do I need to synchronise the BlackBerry with Notes on my PC? No, all data is transferred automatically over the mobile phone network, there is no need to manually connect the BlackBerry to the computer to transfer data. If you use the multimedia features of the BlackBerry (pictures, video, music, etc.) a cable is supplied with the boxed product to enable you to transfer these large files if required.  
Data from my Cardiffmail Notes Notebook/Personal Journal does not appear on my BlackBerry. Why? CardiffMail Notes does not automatically synchronise your Notebook/Personal Journal to the Domino Webserver, so that a BlackBerry can then access it. You have to set up manual synchronisation as follows:
  • Open your CardiffMail Mail view,
  • Click Actions > Domino Web Access > Synchronise Journal from the menu. The first time you do this you will have to locate the journal file which you should have saved on your computer in the form filename.nsf

To maintain up to date information on your BlackBerry and in CardiffMail Notes, you should synchronise the two whenever an item has been added, deleted or amended. The process is not automatic.
Can I set my Out of Office notification via the BlackBerry? Yes, the Out of Office feature is now enabled on BlackBerry devices.

From within the email application:
  1. press the BlackBerry button to display the menu.
  2. select the Options menu item.
  3. depending on device and firmware that your device runs, either select Email Options or Email Settings.
  4. select Use Out Of Office Reply and change the setting to Yes.
  5. Having changed the preference to Yes the Until preference is displayed where you must set the date on which you wish to deactivate the Out Of Office Reply. Please note, unlike in CardiffMail Notes, you can only select the date for when the Out of office starts. The start time on the BlackBerry is when you select the tick box and the end time is set as 0:00 hrs on the day of return.
  6. The box below the Until preference is used to enter an Out of Office reply message. If you have used the Out of Office feature in CardiffMail Notes then the same message will be displayed on your BlackBerry. Edit the message as appopriate or enter a new message if you have never previously used the feature.

Please note: This feature is only available with BES5.
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How do I flag a message? BlackBerry Message Flags let users quickly assign flags to messages for follow-up reminders, and each individual flag can be customised based on specific message needs. For example, you can assign a quick flag reminder to an e-mail message to ensure that you respond to all the message receipts and not just the sender. Additionally you csn set flag due-dates for message responses, complete with pop-up alerts to ensure you see the reminder.

With the e-mail message highlighted, press the BlackBerry button and choose Flag for Follow up from the menu. A small red flag is added to the message.

To edit the flag properties, with the message still highlighted press the BlackBerry button and select Flag Properties. Then Flag Properties menu is displayed where you can alter the type of Flag Request (e.g. Call, For information, Read, Reply etc.) as well as the Flag Colour, Status and Due date and time.

The Flag is replicated within CardiffMail Notes, where you can also select and edit flags.

Please note that this feature is only available if your BlackBerry has version 5 or above of the BlackBerry Device Software. View How to I find out the system information about my BlackBerry (firmware versions etc) to lookup your device information.

Please note: This feature is only available with BES5.


Calendar tips and FAQs

Calendar shortcuts The following shortcuts can be used in the Calendar view:

Key combinationAction
DChange to Day view
WChange to Week view
MChange to Month view
AChange to Agenda view
SpaceMove to the next day, week, month depending on the current view
Shift+SpaceMove to the previous day, week, month depending on the current view
TMove to the current date
UMove to a specific date. Must be followed by a date selection
CSchedule a new appointment

You will need to set the Enable Quick Entry field to No under Calendar Options first for this to work.
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Calendar options To access the Calendar options, from your Calendar view press the BlackBerry button followed by Options in the menu. Select General Options. Here you can customise:
  • Formatting - set the first day of the week, start and end times of your working day.
  • Views - set the initial calendar view (day, week, month, agenda, last), agenda view details.
  • Actions - set snooze time, default reminder time, quick entries, delete confirmation, number of days appointments are kept and whether tasks are displayed.

Remember to save the Options when you exit, if you have made any changes.
Quick entry tips For these tips to work, Enable Quick Entry must be set to On in the Calendar Options:

To add a new entry to your calendar, use the trackball to the hour at which you want the entry to start and then start typing the subject (and description) of the new appointment.

Assuming you have started a quick appointment entry:
  • Change the start time by holding down the Shift key and scroll up or down using the trackball. This will let you change the start time in 15 minute increments.
  • Change the end time roll the trackball without holding down the Shift key.
  • You can enter location information with Quick Appointment Entry by placing the information within parentheses. For example, "Team Meeting (Conference Room 2)". Any text in parentheses will be assigned the Location field when using Quick Entry.
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I can't send/receive appointments on my BlackBerry? Please contact insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk ) and report this as a fault for investigation by the BlackBerry team.  
My calendar appointments are not displayed on my BlackBerry. There are two instances where calendar appointments are not displayed on the BlackBerry device.

Instance 1
A meeting invitation has been received, but has not yet been accepted. This type of unaccepted appointment (shown in grey on the CardiffMail Calendar) will not appear on the BlackBerry device until the appointment has been accepted.

The manufacturers of the BlackBerry device will be issuing a fix. Until the fix is received, BlackBerry users should be aware of this issue and accept (or decline) appointments as frequently as possible to ensure the BlackBerry calendar accurately reflects scheduled appointments.

Instance 2
Prior to migration, using GroupWise, a meeting (or appointment) has been made by someone with proxy access to the mailbox (e.g. a PA). The appointment was not accepted, and was migrated to CardiffMail as an unaccepted appointment. As an unaccepted appointment it will not display on the BlackBerry device (same problem as Instance 1), however as a result of changes made during the migration process, the user is unable to accept the appointment even if he/she tries to do so.

INSRV have written a fix to correct these appointments, allowing them to be subsequently accepted. It is inappropriate for this fix to be run for all migrated users, so INSRV are requesting those who suspect they may have appointments that fall into this category (i.e. unaccepted GroupWise appointments made by a proxy user prior to migration) to contact insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk). The quickest way of checking would be to view the old GroupWise calendar, checking for unaccepted appointments (shown in italics) that would have been made by someone with proxy access to the account.
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Can I book a room/resource when setting up a meeting via my BlackBerry? At the moment no, you can only invite other Cardiff University registered users to a meeting. Rooms and resources cannot currently be added to a meeting using your BlackBerry device, however it is hoped this functionality will be offered in the future.  
Why do appointments lasting longer than 24hrs not display correctly in CardiffMail Notes? When you use your BlackBerry to make an appointment that lasts longer than 24 hours, the appointment will not synchronise in CardifMail Notes correctly. Only the first 24 hours of the appointment is accepted in the Notes calendar as an all day event with everything else being ignored. For example, if you make an appoointment using your BlackBerry that lasts for two full days, when this data is synchronised with Notes, only the first day is added to your Notes Calendar.

The solution is to add appointments as All Day Events via your BlackBerry, then the information is synchronised correctly.
I have just returned from abroad and my calendar appointments are all showing with incorrect times? Check you have the correct Time Zone set under the Date/Time Settings within the Options menu. You need to have Dublin, London (GMT) set. [Back to top]
Can I view attachments in Calendar entries? Yes, if your BlackBerry has version 5 or above of the BlackBerry Device Software. View How to I find out the system information about my BlackBerry (firmware versions etc) to lookup your device information.

If you have been sent a meeting invitation containing an attachment or if you have added an attachment to an appointment or reminder, you will be able to view and open the attachment (providing you have the required reader installed on your device).

Please note: This feature is only available with BES5.
Can I delegate a meeting invitation on my BlackBerry? Yes, with the Calendar appointment open, press the BlackBerry Button and from the menu select Delegate. Delegation works in much the same way as with CardiffMail, simply select to whom you wish to delegate the Calendar entry and send the appointment.

Please note: This feature is only available with BES5.


Phone tips and FAQs

How do I find out what my own telephone number is? Press the GREEN telephone button on the BlackBerry. Your telephone number will be displayed across the top of the screen. [Back to top]
Can I transfer an old number to my new BlackBerry? Yes, when your School or Division orders your BlackBerry make sure you include details of the current provider and the telephone number to be transferred. Your old number will be allocated as your new BlackBerry number.  
I want to use my BlackBerry abroad, how do I set this up? If you wish to use your device abroad, you may request it be enabled (free-of-charge) for International Roaming. Your School or Divisional administrator can arrange this for you. When you do this, please remember that actual usage is chargeable and can be expensive so before travelling you should first check the carrier's website for their foreign usage charges.  
How do I change the number of rings before the Blackberry goes to voicemail?
  • With the device unlocked press the green phone key.
  • Press the BlackBerry button and select Options from the menu.
  • Once in options select and enter Voice Mail by pressing the trackball. Make a note of your Voice Mail Access Number which is displayed, but do not include the leading + or 00.
  • Use the return key to exit options and return to the main phone home screen.
  • Type in the following as if you were going to make a call:
    **61*yourvoicemailaccessnumber**25# followed by the green phone key.
  • This will increase the time it takes to put a call through to voicemail to the maximum 25 seconds. You can decrease the time in increments of 5 seconds so 20, 15, 10 etc. Simply replace the value 25 by time you require.
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Costs and charges

How much does a BlackBerry cost? We are unable to publish contractual cost details but the information is available on the GeM website. [Back to top]
I want to use my BlackBerry abroad, what are the roaming charges? Please consult the T-Mobile Costs by Country website for current details of charges applied when making and receiving calls while abroad.

Please also refer to I want to use my BlackBerry abroad, how do I set this up? for information International Roaming.
How does the billing work, who receives the bill who pays? A monthly itemised bill will be sent to the person you nominated as the administrator within your School. You should request to receive a copy of the bill from your administrator as personal (non-University work) calls must be identified and paid for.  
Do I have to pay for private calls? Yes, all BlackBerry users will receive an itemised phone bill each month. Personal (non-University work) calls must be identified and paid for. The procedure may differ between Schools and Directorates. Speak to your nominated administrator (the person you nominated to process the bills when you ordered your device) to make the necessary payment arrangements.  
What are the data and call tariffs? We are unable to publish contractual cost details but the information is available on the GeM website.  


BlackBerry issues

I've lost my BlackBerry? If you have lost your BlackBerry you must inform insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk) as soon as possible. They will advise you how to remotely wipe the device data and will also inform the mobile provider to bar further calls made from the lost device. To wipe the device you must login to the BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager (https://bes.cf.ac.uk/webdesktop/login using your standard network username and password.

Please note: When the BlackBerry device is wiped you will lose all data, including personal data such as ringtones, pictures, videos stored on the device.

Please also consult: Is my BlackBerry insured?
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I have a problem making phone calls? Please contact insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk ) and report this as a fault for investigation by the BlackBerry team.  
I'm unable to access my answerphone service? Please see I'm unable to access my BlackBerry voicemail.  
I can't send/receive mail/appointments on my BlackBerry? Please contact insrvConnect (Tel. 029 2087 4487, email insrvConnect@cf.ac.uk ) and report this as a fault for investigation by the BlackBerry team.  
My BlackBerry does not display my own phone number? If your BlackBerry device does not display your own phone number or displays it as a series of zeros it is generally related to a new sim card or can even be when a number has been ported from one service provider to another. Fortunately it is cosmetic in terms of the device and can be changed by doing the following:
  • On your BlackBerry select Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > Sim Card. If you have an older device go to Options > Advanced Options > SIM Card.
  • Press the BlackBerry Button and select Edit SIM Phone Number from the menu.
  • Enter your correct Phone Number in the form 0044XXXXXXXXXX. For example if your phone number is 07123 456789, then enter 00447123456789.
  • Press the return key to Save and exit.